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12 month protective coating for personal uses & commercial premises

12 month protective coating for personal uses & commercial premises

Product Specification

NanoGuardX consists of 2 application solutions: 1 x cleaner and primer solution, and 1 x NanoGuardX Antimicrobial Coating.
The NanoGuardX coat is a 2 part system for the permanent antimicrobial treatment of surfaces.

Chemical Basis: Modified silicon dioxide
Layer Thickness: ca. 150-300 nm
Water-Repellent: slightly hydrophobic
Temperature stability: 150 degree celsius
Chemical stability: Solvent-resistant
Weatherproof: 2000h according to ISO 11507 A (corresponds to ca. 3-4 years)
Resilience (mechanical)
  • Glass ceramic > 40,000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)
  • Noble metals > 20,000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)
  • Plastics > 5,000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)
Transparency: 100%
Storable: 12 months
Temperature sensitivity 3 to 40°C
Wastage 1m² coverage per 10ml of coating – with a wipe application
Application: Step 1: Use the cleaning and polymerising solution to degrease and clean the surface thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth
Only in the case of extreme contamination (or limescale) should a pre-cleaner for specific contamination be used.
After the  cleaning solution has evaporated (approx 5 min) a polymer layer forms.
Step 2: This is activated and becomes antimicrobial using another microfiber cloth wipe it over with the activating NanoGuard X Protective coating.
After 2 minutes this should be wiped dry with the microfiber cloth until all streaks disappear. A thorough polishing will be necessary, especially on transparent or shiny surfaces.
After 6 hours the coating will be hardened and ready for use.

The contents are registered non-dangerous goods according to ADR and IATA

Product Safety

Safety instruction of NanoGuardX

Usage: 2 part liquid glass solution: surface prep & surface guard. Spray and wipe application
Recommended date for further treatments: 12 months after application or if the coating has been compromised by heavy abrasive cleaning
Possible side effects and instructions for first aid: According to regulations the formulation is not considered as dangerous or hazardous. There are no known side effects.
Extensive usage: Consider limitation and monitoring of exposure in the workplace in the workplace.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Not necessary for normal usage.
Disposal instructions: P501: Content and packaging need to be desposed in accordance with the local regulations
Storeability: 12 months
Onset of effect: Antimicrobial effect becomes active one hour after application
Drying time / curing: The advised drying time for the application to when contact is recommended for humans or animals to the treated surface: 6 Hours

First Aid

Detailed First Aid Measures

General information: In case of doubt or if symptoms don’t improve, seek medical attention. Present safety information or label to the doctor. Never administer substances orally to people in an unconscious state.
After inhalation: Take patient outside – leave contaminated area. Seek medical attention, if symptoms continue.
After skin contact: Immediately wash affected skin with lots of soap and water! Remove contaminated clothes and shoes. Seek medical attention if any symptoms continue.
After eye contact: Remove any contact lenses. Rinse open eyes and under the eyelids immediately with plenty of water (for several minutes). Seek medical attention if irritation continues.
After ingestion Do no take vomit inducing methods. In case of doubt seek medical attention, or if symptoms worsen present safety information to a doctor. Never administer substances orally to people in an unconscious state.