Antimicrobial Coating for Gyms

With the reopening of gyms and leisure centres comes the higher potential of the spread of bacteria and viruses. Gym-goers can expect to share gym equipment and machinery with other members, meaning touching and picking up whatever the previous user has left on there.. The perfect solution for this would be a self disinfecting solution so that you wouldn’t need to worry about cleaning down machinery and equipment between each use. This is what NanoGuardX was made for! A self disinfecting antimicrobial coating spray that gives 12 months of surface protection, continually killing bacteria and viruses upon contact!

Self Disinfecting Coating for Gyms

Just some of the surfaces we recommend to protect:

Germ Free Coating for Gym Machinery Handles
Germ Free Coating for Gym Equipment Weights
Sports Equipment Protection from viruses NanoGuard X Antimicrobial Coating
Germ Free Coating for Public changing rooms
Germ Free Coating for Public Shared Locker keys
Germ Free Coating for Public Locker Rooms

Antimicrobial Protection for Gyms

NanoGuardX’s Antimicrobial Spray Coating can be used widely around your gym or leisure centre. The Antimicrobial properties prevent the spread of bacteria and viral contamination by destroying microbes upon contact. One single application of our NanoGuardX’s Antimicrobial Spray Coating will give 12 months surface protection, so your clients can be assured of extra protection against invisible threats.

  • Metal Weights

  • Machinery Handles

  • Treadmills

  • Locker Rooms

  • Locker Keys

  • Shared Toilets

  • Showers / Taps

  • Machinery Buttons

  • Light Switches

NanoGuard X Disinfecting Coating

Shop NanoGuard X Antimicrobial surface coating with 12 months protection today!

NanoguardX Antimicrobial Coating Surface Guard Antibacterial Surface Spray
NanoguardX Antimicrobial Coating Surface Prep Antibacterial Surface Spray
Antimicrobial Coating - Safe Touch Surface Spray Antibacterial Protection

Antimicrobial Coating

NanoGuardX can be used on any water-resistant surface with a simple wipe on application!

By formulating an ultra thin layer of glass NanoGuard X protects against micro-scratches. Under mechanical abrasion, the protective layer is abraded before the substrate is damaged. A unique glide function, ensures that with any abrasive contact, materials glide over the treated surface and leave fewer traces. Protected surfaces take-on a measurably higher degree of hardness {Equivalent of 3 level pencil hardness}. See Application Steps Below.

NanoGuardX Creates a liquid glass barrier protecting against bacteria and virus contamination, As well as micro-scratches and dirt!