Antimicrobial Coating for Care Homes

Many care homes across the UK and other countries have been taking extensive measures to ensure that their high-risk residents are protected against the COVID-19 virus. They have doing everything they can to reduce the spread, adding to their already high standards of care and support to their residents. NanoGuardX gives an extra added layer of protection for giving peace of mind that the surfaces and items within your care home / residential home are protected as much as possible. With a 99.9% kill (known as a full kill), NanoGuardX destroys microbes (including bacteria and viruses) upon contact, and continues to do so for a further 12 months!

Self Disinfecting Coating for Care Homes

Just some of the surfaces we recommend to protect:

Antimicrobial Coating for Door Handles Protection Spray from Viruses and bacteria
Antimicrobial Light Switch Coating Nanoguard X protective spray
Germ Free Coating for Public Toilets
Touch Safe Coating for office appliances office hygiene
Kitchen Appliances Antimicrobial Spray Coating for Kettle handles
Antimicrobial Spray Coating for Kitchen Sinks - Home Protection against Viruses
Toilet and Bathroom Antimicrobial Coating for Protection from Viruses and bacteria
Antimicrobial Spray Coating for Household Plugs in Home
Antimicrobial Spray Coating for Sinks in Home and Public toilets

Antimicrobial Protection for Care Homes

Thinking about what you can protect with NanoGuardX within your care home? There’s of course the obvious high-touch areas such as light switches and door handles, as well as shared spaces such as communal areas, bathrooms and kitchens. As well as these more obvious areas, we recommend coating wheelchair handles/armrests and other walking aids, lift/elevator buttons and handles, remote controls and other shared devices may that be phones, laptops or tablets. Take a look below at our list of recommended surfaces:

  • Wheelchairs

  • Walking aids

  • Door handles

  • Communal Areas

  • Light switches

  • Bathrooms

  • Toilets

  • Hand Rails

  • Remote Controls

  • Lift / Elevator Buttons

NanoGuard X Disinfecting Coating

Shop NanoGuard X Antimicrobial surface coating with 12 months protection today!

NanoguardX Antimicrobial Coating Surface Guard Antibacterial Surface Spray
NanoguardX Antimicrobial Coating Surface Prep Antibacterial Surface Spray
Antimicrobial Coating - Safe Touch Surface Spray Antibacterial Protection

Antimicrobial Coating

NanoGuardX can be used on any water-resistant surface with a simple wipe on application!

By formulating an ultra thin layer of glass NanoGuard X protects against micro-scratches. Under mechanical abrasion, the protective layer is abraded before the substrate is damaged. A unique glide function, ensures that with any abrasive contact, materials glide over the treated surface and leave fewer traces. Protected surfaces take-on a measurably higher degree of hardness {Equivalent of 3 level pencil hardness}. See Application Steps Below.

NanoGuardX Creates a liquid glass barrier protecting against bacteria and virus contamination, As well as micro-scratches and dirt!